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Are you Plastic Free when Shaving? Disposables are outdated!

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Are you still using shop-bought single use plastic razors? You may have read in magazines that your hygiene routine may need a spritz up, but is it really that bad? Are disposables now outdated? We find out...

Yes, it's true, plastic free shaving is trending.

Body hair removal remains the simplest and most popular way to remove unwanted body hair. Cheaper than laser hair removal, safer than epilators, and less painful than waxing and plucking, shaving is cheaper and requires fewer resources to get the job done. However, just like all activities in modern life, our bathroom routine has a carbon footprint and we are responsible for the choices we make. 

As not all single use plastic razors and product bottles are recyclable or recycled, it means shaving is quick and efficient but isn’t necessarily always earth friendly.

At Clean U Skincare, we’re passionate about enabling your daily habits to be as carbon neutral as possible. So, in this blog post, we share 3 tips on how you can adopt a zero waste shaving routine and keep your body and the planet squeaky clean

But why all the fuss about single use plastic?

Most shop-bought plastic razors are regarded as single-use, meaning you throw them away after one use. As disposable razors are often made with a mixture of plastic and metal, they can be costly and time-consuming to recycle. Therefore, instead of being recycled and repurposed, these hazardous items often go to landfills, blades attached. Whilst in a landfill, their metal blades often rust away, slowly. Their plastic handles degrade, too, but even slower. Degrading plastic, especially the kind with moisture-resistant coatings, is known to release toxic fumes that pollute the environment. Yet we as individuals don’t need to produce unnecessary plastic waste to achieve a good shave! Instead of purchasing disposable razors, we can invest in a long-lasting safety razor. 

1. Buy a safety razor

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 Wondering whether you should buy a safety razor? The answer is yes. Not only will switching to a safety razor eliminate the need for single use plastic products and packaging, but it’s a kinder alternative for your skin too. With a safety razor, you can reduce lumps, bumps and rashes caused by plastic razors. We believe everyone should have a right to experience the blemish-free finish of an anti-bacterial metal razor!

Therefore, our Clean U Skincare Bamboo Double Edge safety razor is created from bamboo and metal and has replaceable blades. Not only does this mean that our razors last longer, but they ensure a softer and less irritable shave. 

If the single-use razor blade market is an eco-friendly nightmare, shaving aids surely contribute to waste production, too?

2. We recommend you replace your single use plastic shaving gel with a natural soap bar.

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Most people who shave tend to pair their razor blade kit with a shower or shaving gel for a smoother shaving experience. Though these shaving aids may prevent irritation or shaving accidents with great benefit, these hygiene products are usually always sold in plastic or metal packaging. With a short useful life cycle, a person will typically use and dispose of their shaving gel or cream within just 2-6 weeks.  

To edit your shaving routine - try use natural soap bars rather than filling plastic bottles or buying single use gels. The very nature of a soap bar means once you’ve finished the product, there is nothing to throw away, therefore there is no excess waste so it is always eco friendly

3. Buy Products with plastic free packaging in mind


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At Clean U Skincare, we don’t believe in breaking the earth and the air we breathe. Therefore, we make sure our shaving products or packaging won’t negatively impact the environment we live in. That’s why our safety razor is delivered to you in plastic free, biodegradable wrapping. Our combination of recycled kraft paper and an absence of plastic lining (commonly used in most commercial hygiene products) means you can achieve and maintain a one hundred per cent zero waste shaving routine.


Changing your shaving routine is a simple and effective way to reduce your bathroom waste so if you’re ready to help keep the planet clean as you maintain your hygiene routine, take a look at the Clean U Skincare range of eco friendly shower essentials to make sustainable living reality and upgrade your shaving routine with our Bamboo safety razor gift set here

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