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Shark Double-Edged Safety Razor Blades

Shark Double-Edged Safety Razor Blades

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This is the perfect accompaniment to your Bamboo Safety Razor! The Shark double edge razor blades are produced using high-quality stainless steel for a barbershop quality shave at a fraction of the price.

Why not also try our 100% natural and plastic-free Shaving soap-bar to add to your zero-waste shaving experience!


1 Pack contains  x 5 razor blades

Each blade is double edged and last for approx 16 shaves (8 shaves each side)

Perfect pack for beginners

Directions for use:

Simply unscrew the razor head and place the blade between the metal pieces and screw back on. After 8 shaves for each side consider changing the blade.

Please dispose off safely.