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About Us

Dedicated to clean living, Clean U Skincare’s founder, Arushi Agarwal, set out to create a household brand anyone could be proud of. Clean U Skincare is intended to conveniently provide a person with solutions to make everyday morning, evening and household routines sustainable. The goal is ensure that eco friendly, vegan living won't be associated or avoided due to tireless research and finding what works and what doesn't. Clean U Skincare will be accessible for all, always.

The Start

Established in 2018, in Nottingham, UK, Clean U Skincare combines current day living with age-old tradition. After immigrating to the UK, from New Delhi, India, to study at Nottingham Trent University, Arushi discovered a gap in the market regarding natural, chemical-free products. Inspired by a selection of natural skincare recipes native to India and from her travels around the world, Arushi decided to create effective home and skincare remedies using ingredients obtained from the Earth. With a mission to serve eco-conscious advocates for sustainable change, her business acts as a leading example to show that ethical, and environmental and profitable business is possible in this day and age. 

“After years of using products that were packed with chemicals and 'natural' products having hidden ingredients, I decided to embark upon a journey of discovering, designing and formulating products that are not only Organic, Vegan and 100% Natural but also extremely beneficial for the skin.” - Arushi.

Endlessly inspired by Asian and Indian history, Clean U Skincare utilises methods that have been proven successful for centuries. Arushi and the team are continuously advancing their products and improving the impact they have. 

Clean U Today

Today, Clean U Skincare is a pillar of the sustainable and eco friendly living community. As a brand, we’re passionate about making a difference in the way we all live, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Since our humble beginnings at Nottingham Trent University, we’ve run pop-up shops, hosted tea tasters, and attended markets with other sustainable businesses. 



Considering going green? 

If U are ready to join Clean U on your sustainable living journey and you’re ready to transform your daily routine, feel free to let the Clean U product range help you.

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