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Our Team, and Culture

We’re an enthusiastic and growing team, with an HQ and staff working remotely across the UK, and we live according to Clean U Skincare’s ethos; 1. Make small changes to achieve a big impact,  2. Be Kind, 3. Share some of your today with tomorrow. Our investments in sustainable suppliers ensures our products will always remain handmade and ethical. 

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We live for Daily routines that feel good as well as do good.

At Clean U Skincare, we believe making small changes to how we live our lives can have a big impact. We create skincare and homeware products that enable people across the globe to reduce the carbon footprint of their; skincare regimen, laundry habits, relaxing rituals, and so much more. All we ask is for U to join us on this journey.

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By doing good, we know good will come our way. Our earth friendly skincare products prioritise blemish-free, glowing complexions without ever using synthetic ingredients. Our loose leaf teas are plastic free, full of flavour, and rich in vitamins. And our homeware items are crafted from pre-loved materials, adding history and individuality to wanting home interiors. 

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At Clean U Skincare, we care about the community. We work alongside other sustainable living UK brands to help raise awareness surrounding earth friendly manufacturing. And our small but mighty team means we’re able to talk directly to our customers about their sustainability journey. So, if you have a question regarding eco friendly products, ethical manufacturing, or simply adjusting your daily routine, we’re here for you.

Animal Testing

We know the importance of putting our sustainable ethos into action. Therefore, we vow that all of our products will never be tested on animals and are vegan friendly, natural and organic, and will always be sustainably handmade in small batches.

As a team, sustainability is not just a part of our work but a part of our lives so we don't ship to any countries where animal testing is required by law. For a list of countries we don’t currently ship to, please see here.

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