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Vegan Skincare: Why Adopt A Cruelty Free Skincare Routine?

Vegan | Vegan Friendly Skincare | Clean U Skincare

Today we answer your questions and share what we believe vegan skincare is. We hope to inspire you to create a sustainable, cruelty free skincare routine to suit your existing lifestyle, no matter your belief - one that feels right, but that just might help you sleep a little better at night. 

So - what do you think of when you hear the word ‘vegan’? Do thoughts of delicious natural foods come to mind? Perhaps. But, being vegan entails more than just the food you eat. Veganism is considered by many; a lifestyle, a series of ethical choices which authentically affects the clothes you wear, the food you consume and the skincare you use. So, if your clothes are a form of self-expression, what does your skincare say about you?

Is vegan skincare better for you? 

Is being vegan better for me? | Clean U Skincare

There are many environmental, ethical and personal reasons to prioritise vegan skincare. When our in-house team trials new vegan skincare products, we find clean, natural and organic ingredients always come out on top as the best skin care. By cutting out pollutants and animal-derived substances, the skincare routines give back to the environment and it seems we feel less irritation on our skin as an added bonus. 

Are vegan and cruelty free cosmetics the same?

Cruelty Free Skincare | Clean U Skincare

No. Unfortunately, cruelty free skincare is not the same as vegan skincare. If a product is cruelty free, this means the product has not undergone animal testing. However, it is important to note that whilst a cruelty free cosmetic may have not been tested on animals, it may still contain animal derived ingredients. Cruelty free skincare is not animal free. 

If you care about the wellbeing of animals, choosing vegan skincare often guarantees you are not harming other living creatures and their habitats. Sadly, the majority of commercial skincare is not vegan. Choosing to shop vegan means shopping small. Independent, eco friendly skincare brands value helping the environment rather than abusing it. 

How do I check if my skincare is vegan?

How do I check my skincare is vegan? | Clean U Skincare

Fully understanding the components of natural and vegan skincare can be difficult. The majority of non-vegan skincare products include complicated ingredients, many of which the everyday consumer won't be familiar with.

A single ingredient makes all the difference because some non-Vegan skincare ingredients perform just as well as their non vegan counterparts. 

Being educated on what ingredients make all the difference can really help empower you to make purchasing and skin decisions. Below we list some of the most common ingredients to look out for!

Glycerin: Glycerin comes from animal fats and helps moisturise the skin. Some vegan skincare brands use vegetable glycerin, a planet-pleasing alternative that's just as effective for moisturising your skin. 

Collegian: Collegian is one of the most popular anti-ageing ingredients. We obtain collegian from animal, tissue, bone, skin or ligaments. What’s the alternative? 

Beeswax: Wax keeps emulsions (droplets of one liquid in another that's not dissolvable) from separating, making it a popular choice for serums, cleansers and moisturisers.What’s the alternative?
To recognise if your purchase is vegan, you'll need to research each product in-depth. But unfortunately, an increase in greenwashing means we can't solely rely on brand marketing.

The best way to ensure your skincare choices are vegan is to shop with a vegan-dedicated brand. Environmentally-conscious brands prioritise transparency. Rather than greenwashing their products, these companies share their story, showcase their ethos and provide complete clarity on ingredients and manufacturing. Cut the carbon emissions and eliminate unethical manufacturing in your skincare routine by shopping with organic, vegan brands like Clean U Skincare 

By shopping with a vegan skincare brand, you know you're buying from people as passionate about protecting the planet and animals as you are.

If you're ready to adapt to an even kinder skincare routine, click here to browse the Clean U Skincare body care range. We like to think we do vegan skincare well. Let us know if you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

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