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Time to be sure - Bar Soap Vs Liquid Soap: What's better for me?

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It might seem as though there’s a never-ending debate about what type of soap is the best soap for women. Whether it’s body shower gel, body wash scrubs or antimicrobial soap - it all comes down to two types of soap schools. Namely, these are bar soaps vs liquid soaps. At Clean U, as skincare specialists, we believe there’s one very clear winner in the debate and that winner is bar soap.  But, why? 
Well, we’ve got 5 very good reasons to convince you to stray from entering the checkout with the regular bottle brand on offer, without compromising the skin you pride yourself on - so let’s get right to it!

1. Soap Packaging 

The biggest factor in the bar soap vs liquid soap debate is the packaging. As with all products, packaging has a lifespan. To decide which is the more environmentally friendly soap, we need to consider how we'll dispose of the packaging it came in and the total energy required to create it. Once we start to do this - it becomes pretty clear that liquid soaps in their plastic containers are no match for bar soaps in their paper, cardboard wrappers or natural hessian bags  - which have antimicrobial benefits as well. 

2. Energy consumption

Regarding energy consumption, plastic may appear to be the better option as it requires four times less energy to create! However, it’s common knowledge that plastic has a much more harmful long-term impact on the air we breathe, the production line worker health, and the amount of body wash we need to wash, so indirectly may cost us more, and these are all things we need to consider when we panic about the cost of natural products. With a Clean U vegan, toxic-free bar of soap - what you see… is what you get! Quality. Quantity. And you don’t have to worry about irritants on your skin. We’re very proud of our little bars of cleaning gold!

3. Waste production

Once we’ve finished with our soap, many of us will put its packaging in the recycling bin. Paper and cardboard have better recycling properties than plastic and far more distribution centres in the UK -increasing their likelihood of being recycled, as they are biodegradable. By comparison, plastic is often non-recyclable, or only partially recyclable, and when it can be recycled, often takes high energy, environmentally-damaging processes to achieve, at a higher cost, meaning most plastic waste remains un-recycled. Instead of being repurposed, these plastics naturally end their lives, on most occasions, in landfills or the ocean - despite you putting them in your recycling bin. In these environments, they burn under a hot sun, releasing toxic fumes, or end up breaking into microplastics. What are microplastics? Well, microplastics are tiny plastic particles that pollute our environment. Like larger pieces of plastic, these small pieces release harmful gases which harm wildlife, and ecosystems, and cause serious illnesses. So for these reasons, a bar of soap still seems superior in our books!

4. Consider the ingredients of environmentally friendly soap

Eco-friendly living is multi-faceted; we need to consider multiple factors to determine which of the options, available to us, best serves our needs and that of the planet. Even if we’re picking a product with more environmentally friendly packaging, we need to ensure the ingredients also abide by this ethos - and hold companies accountable to our standards. Many mainstream liquid soaps contain formulas that harm the environment. Some are damaging to our skin, some just wash off. Seems okay? Well, once we wash these products off our bodies, they enter the local waterways through our drainage systems. These harmful chemicals will damage local habitats, contaminate clean water, and release toxic fumes which you may end up breathing in - causing some geographic location demographics healthcare issues to rise. We can reduce this likelihood by living a natural-based lifestyle in general. If you’d like to reduce the impact of your hygiene routine outside the bathroom, prioritise using organic and natural ingredients – and start with bar soaps.

5. Longevity 

Quantity over quality? Quality over quantity? Why compromise? The majority of bar soaps last longer than their liquid alternative. By purchasing bar soaps, we don’t have to invest in new hygiene products - at least, as often. So save money, whilst minimising packaging and let your skin and heart enjoy the self-love you’re giving out.

So… time to be sure - Liquid soap Vs. Bar Soap: What’s better for me?

Well, when it comes down to it - we believe bar soap is the clear winner and is the best soap for women. Bar soaps come in recyclable packaging, usually contain kinder ingredients, and last longer. Still, we recommend doing your research and only buying from brands you can trust! By switching from liquid soaps to bars, you’re picking an environmentally friendly soap that the planet, your wallet and your skin will appreciate. 

To help you better understand the environmental impact of your bathroom routine and why switching to bars is one of the best things you can do to benefit the planet, we’re inviting you to try one of our very own natural soap bars or shaving bars. If you’re not satisfied, let us know. We’re confident you won’t look back once you see the power of natural, non-toxic, vegan-and-environmentally-friendly bar soap. Find one you like here.

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