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Purely Home: Embracing Natural Materials in Your Living Space

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Today at Clean U Skincare, we have been exploring how natural materials can transform your living space into a serene, eco-friendly haven. We believe that a natural lifestyle extends beyond just skincare to encompass your entire home. Join us as we, too, learn the benefits of using natural materials in our home and share our best tips for incorporating them into yours.

Why Choose Natural Materials?

  1. Health Benefits
    • Non-Toxic: Unlike synthetic materials, natural materials are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.
    • Allergen-Free: Materials like organic cotton and wool are less likely to cause allergies, making them ideal for sensitive individuals.
  2. Environmental Impact
    • Sustainable Sourcing: Natural materials are often sourced sustainably, reducing environmental degradation.
    • Biodegradable: At the end of their life cycle, natural materials break down more easily, minimizing landfill waste.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal
    • Timeless Beauty: Natural materials offer a timeless and versatile aesthetic that can complement any decor style.
    • Unique Character: Each piece has unique textures and patterns, adding character and warmth to your home.

Our Top Tips to Buying Natural Materials for Your Home

1. Wood
    • Furniture: Invest in solid wood furniture from sustainable sources. Look for certifications like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
    • Flooring: Opt for wooden flooring to add warmth and elegance to your space.

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2. Bamboo
    • Home Accessories: Use bamboo for items like blinds, utensils, and storage solutions. Bamboo is fast-growing, breathable and renewable.
    • Textiles: Bamboo fabric is soft, durable, and eco-friendly, perfect for towels and bed linens. If you or someone you know sweats a lot, this one's for you 

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3. Cotton and Linen

    • Bedding and Upholstery: Choose organic cotton or linen for bedding, curtains, and upholstery. These materials are breathable, soft and kinder to your skin!

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4. Throws and Cushions: Add a touch of coziness with organic cotton or linen throws and cushions. This is how those stately homes make such an impact!

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    5. Wool

      • Rugs and Carpets: Wool rugs are not only stylish but also durable and naturally stain-resistant. Brush with a steel tipped brush, and keep away from direct sunlight to avoid discoloration!

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    6. Blankets: Keep warm with wool blankets, which provide excellent insulation. They also take up less room and don’t lose their shape easily!

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      7. Clay and Ceramics

        • Pottery: Incorporate handmade pottery for a rustic charm. Use clay planters for your indoor plants to really get that natural, euro-centric style-charm. 

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      8. Tiles: Consider clay tiles for flooring or your kitchen backsplash to add an element of natural beauty and texture so that when you walk around in your bare-feet or slippers, you feel charmed by the romance of your own house.

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        Tips for Incorporating Natural Materials

        1. Start Small
          • Introduce natural materials gradually, starting with small items like cushions, throws, or decorative pieces.

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        2. Mix and Match
          • Blend different textures and materials to create a layered, inviting look. For example, pair a wooden coffee table with a wool rug and cotton cushions.

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        3. Choose Quality Over Quantity
          • Invest in high-quality, durable pieces that will stand the test of time, reducing the need for frequent replacements. They may be more expensive at first, but you will save THOUSANDS in the long - run!

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        4. Focus on Functionality
          • Ensure that the natural materials you choose are not only beautiful but also functional and suitable for your lifestyle.

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        5. Maintain and Care
          • Properly maintain and care for your natural materials to extend their life. For instance, regularly oil wooden furniture and wash natural textiles with gentle detergents. It may sound like a lot of upkeep, but once you start taking care of what you own you show gratitude and appreciation for the things you do have, and develop a healthy sense of pride in your home. Before you know it, with every family member doing their bit - your home will run like a well oiled machine.

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        It’s understandable other materials may have their charm, but we feel that by embracing natural materials in your living space you can create a healthier, more sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing home. At Clean U Skincare, we believe that living naturally enhances U and the planet. Start your journey towards a more natural home today, and experience the difference that truly beautiful, comforting materials can make.

        Thank you for joining us on this exploration of natural materials. We hope you feel inspired to make these simple yet impactful changes in your home. Share your journey with us on social media using the hashtag #CleanUHome, and let’s celebrate the beauty of natural living together.

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