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Office Party Gift Guide: Great Secret Santa Gift ideas

Are you ready for the office party, arguably the biggest event of the year?! Have you decided what to wear & where to go? Do you have an exciting staff, who are keen to see you dance after one too many mulled wines? Yes? Well, it's true, the Christmas work party is an annual celebration unlike any other! A time to see all your favourite work colleagues together and be joyous at the same time!

Office party gift guide | Secret Santa ideas | Clean U Skincare

We know many of our customers aren't having the extravagant Christmas celebration they're used to. So whilst this year's office party gifts might not be as grand as previous years, they can be more sustainable. With hard work comes great rewards - so whether you need a Secret Santa gift or are searching for a small token gift for your hard-working friends, we have picked some great office party gift ideas for Christmas 2022. Each present has been hand-picked by us so you can be sure they are sustainable, purposeful, and won’t break the bank!

To help your Secret Santa budget limitation, we've organised our gift guide according to price. Simply scroll down to your budget and pick the perfect present for your colleague. 

Office party gifting inspiration

Office party gifting under £10

Handcrafted Artisan Soap bar, £7.50
There is no better Secret Santa gift than the gift of self-care. Our artisan soap bars are all handcrafted using Earth-friendly natural ingredients your skin loves. Choose from Back to the beach, Down the rabbit hole, Tangy poppy, or Unwind.
You can add a soap dish for £5.45.
Especially great for that colleague who loves a beautiful, organic shower product!
Natural bamboo cups, £9.95
The perfect Secret Santa Gift for your smoothie-drinking co-worker who cares about the planet. 
Our natural bamboo cups are made by skilled artisans in Thanh Hóa province in Northern Vietnam. Due to the high rainfall in this area, bamboo grows quickly without added water. After farming this sustainable material, they are lovingly crafted into cups and delivered to the Clean U team. 
Add a bamboo straw for £10.95 or gift just the cup at £9.95!
Office party gifting under £20
Repurposed Coconut Bowl & Spoon Set, £19.95
Are you searching for a gift for the food lover and avid cook? Look no further! Our repurposed coconut bowl & spoon set is the perfect way to enjoy morning smoothie greens or warm mid-afternoon soups.
Made using repurposed coconut shells that have been given new life, every bowl and spoon is 100% unique with its own distinctive markings. 
*Set includes two handcrafted bowls and spoons. Be warned, it will be hard to part with these once they arrive, but we know your colleague will love them!
Botanical Tea Gift Set, £16.95
Whether you’re a work-from-home or always-in-the-office kind of team, it's likely you start your day with a hot cup of freshly brewed tea. So - as tea lovers, just like you, we propose a way to offer tea as a gift that tastes good and does good. 
All our loose-leaf teas are 100% natural and rich in flavour. You’ll find vitamins, minerals, and immune-boosting benefits hidden inside your new favourite hot drink.
This gift set contains 3 unique teas: Rhododendron & Basil, Dandelion, Rosehip and mint.
Handmade Soy Coconut Shell Candle- Toasted Coconut, £19.95
Handmade Soy Coconut Shell Candle | Toasted Coconut | Clean U Skincare
Get cosy with it! Gift them a candle for Secret Santa. Not sure if they have any pets or children and are worried about the fumes? Don't worry! Our candles will not fill your colleague's home with toxic fumes and parabens as our candle is a handmade, natural, toasted coconut soy candle
Made using repurposed coconut shells and organic soy wax, this gift is perfect for the eco-conscious interiors lover or someone who’s coconut scent obsessed (we can’t blame them!).
The average burn time is 45-50 hours – so this really is a gift that keeps on giving!
Need a gift that's ready to go and under £30?
We at Clean U love secret Santa gifts! They are a purposeful, intentional, and sustainable way to give gifts. Plus, a whole lot of fun! Instead of purchasing gifts for everyone in the office, you get to focus on one person and get a creative gift that they'd really like. 
But sometimes, finding the perfect secret Santa gift can be difficult. Whether it's a lack of secret Santa ideas, a limiting price cap, or simply time, secret Santa gifts can, unfortunately, become a source of stress for many. 
If this is you, not to worry! We'll help you find the perfect secret Santa gift ideas this year. We have 3 Secret Santa Gift Bundles all under £30. Choose from:
    1. The Coconut Bowl Bundle
    2. The Tea Lovers Gift Set
    3. The All-Natural Skincare Set. 
Each Secret Santa Bundle is pre-wrapped in our signature reusable Christmas bags, ready to be gifted. 
Browse the Secret Santa Bundles and choose the perfect one for your unsuspecting colleague here.
Office party gifting under £40
Searching for a larger gift for someone special in the office? Perhaps a colleague that's always there for you or someone who helped you gain a promotion? Whatever your reason for treating them, we've got a couple of gift ideas we know they'll love...
Bamboo Safety Razor Gift Set, £37.95
Need a secret Santa present but not sure what to give? Why not gift an edit to their self-care shower routine? Saying goodbye to plastic razors means welcoming smooth, irritation-free, shaved skin. Plus, it means waving goodbye to single-use plastics! Our bamboo safety razor gift set is the perfect gift for that colleague who's environmentally conscious but loves long baths and shower routines! 
Inside this gift set is our bestselling double-edged bamboo safety razor, alongside some other shaving essentials:
1 x Jute travel pouch
1 x Bamboo Razor Stand
1 x Stark Blades pack (5 blades) 
1 x Aloe Vera & Mint Shaving Soap Bar
This gift is plastic-free and available for our complimentary gift-wrapping service-- *don't forget to select this option at checkout!
Luxury Botanical Tea Gift Set, £37.95
This is everything your tea-loving colleague could ever need. This is it if you’re looking for one step up from the botanical tea gift set. The Luxury Botanical Tea Gift Set includes;
Three bestselling teas
Coconut wood Spoon
Bamboo strainer
Information card
Encourage your colleague to start their plastic-free tea journey or treat them to a few unique natural favours you know they’ll love!

Now you're ready to arrive at the office Christmas party with a sustainable Secret Santa gift in hand - ready for a good time! Let us know what you bought on Instagram by tagging us! And remember to opt for our gift-wrapping service at checkout to make your gift ready to give as soon as it arrives!

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