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Natural beauty VS. The Corporate Beast: Still Beautiful.

When it comes to natural beauty and the corporate beast - we’re often asked whether organic beauty products are a fad or the future. We believe it’s the future, and that ‘natural’ is beautiful, and nature knows best, but that’s just our opinion. We’ve all heard the phrase “natural, organic beauty products” but how many of us know what that really means? Natural beauty is promoted as one of the ways we, as individuals, can enrich both our bodies and the planet. But can being 'natural and organic' truly take you to the higher moral ground? Today we share the secrets of the natural and organic beauty industry and clue you in on truths it might help you to know.


What is and isn’t an organic beauty product?

More often than not, businesses that create organic products prioritise ingredients from the Earth. This is because it is widely believed that organic beauty products should use ingredients that work in harmony with nature; which means no manufactured, artificial, or artificial chemicals in the product. So, if a product comes in contact with pesticides, chemical fertilisers, GMOs, parabens and other toxic compounds during growth or production, it simply isn’t Organic. Organic growing methods can help protect people, animals and even the Earth. Therefore, it is important to realise that beauty products obtaining harmful substances cannot, by nature, be organic. So why would a brand not always opt to create Organic products? Well, sometimes, a beauty brand might feel the need to use natural ingredients that are not organic. For example, a beauty product might use soy (a popular choice for brightening the skin). However, this product isn't certified organic because it requires using chemical pesticides for growth. We’d advise that it’s always important to read the labels and do your research when purchasing a skincare product!

What is and isn’t a natural beauty product?

While the term ‘organic’ refers to growing and manufacturing methods, the term 'natural' depends on the contents of a product. Natural beauty products are always free of synthetic ingredients. Their formulas contain only naturally-derived substances.

What is natural and organic beauty?

It is important to understand that everything you come in contact with, from the food you eat to the beauty products you use, can be natural or organic. However, a natural skin care product must contain only natural ingredients and be manufactured without chemical compounds to be natural and organic. A simple way to understand this concept is that if the term ‘organic’ refers to growing and manufacturing methods, then the term natural relates to the contents of a particular product. Therefore, a beauty product need only qualify as a natural beauty product when it is proved to be entirely free of synthetic ingredients. 

Why does natural and organic beauty matter?

For us

Natural and organic beauty is often not a kinder choice for our skin and the planet. The synthetic ingredients used in non-organic and natural beauty products are known to cause irritation to the body. It’s widely believed that the usage of products containing chemical compounds has a direct correlation with skin issues, such as; redness, breakouts, and overall poor skin health. 
By comparison, all-natural ingredients have a soothing and nurturing effect, even benefiting your complexion as well as having a kinder impact on the planet. 

For the planet

The chemicals used in the necessary fertilizers and other toxic growth aids for non-organic and natural beauty products increase pollution in both the soil and waterways. In addition, these known substances release harmful greenhouse gasses, contribute to global warming and contaminate local habitats, , and people. Wildlife often suffers and ingests toxins, causing death and disease. As a result, the rise in animal deaths negatively impacts the food chain, which all living creatures require for survival, even us. Sociologically, nearby civilians and farmers become exposed to pesticides and other harmful chemicals as a result of the manufacturing process - leading workers and nearby communities to also be at high risk of death and disease. 

Due to its political, economic, social, environmental and ecological impact - natural and organic beauty is often believed to be an ethical choice. It is beyond just business, it’s ethos affects a company’s way of conducting business. 
Natural and organic beauty enriches the planet rather than just taking from it. Therefore, it’s common to see organic makeup brands that create natural and organic beauty products wanting to promote a level of appreciation for the natural world and harness nature’s gifts in a kind, and compassionate way. As Earth-derived ingredients and manufacturing methods don't put local people and animals at risk, some brands choose to honor people, profits and the planet. 
So perhaps the debate on the shelves surrounding non-organic, unnatural beauty products is deeper than a price increase. Maybe you think organic beauty products should be a fad... Or do you think they’re the future? Perhaps you wonder if businesses owe civilians corporate social responsibility at all? Or do you feel it is up to us, as consumers, to regulate the beauty industry with our purchases? We’ll leave it to you to decide how you feel. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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