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5 Zero-Waste Christmas Ideas You Need To Try

Christmas is around the corner. Shops are stocking up on gift sets and wrapping paper. And you want to show your loved ones how much they mean to you during this magical period. But this year, there's another thought at the back of your mind: what about the environment?

If you're concerned about the environmental impact of your favourite holiday, you're not alone. Many of us are considering how we can celebrate the festive season in an eco-friendly way. In this blog post, we're sharing five ways to cut down on waste and help protect the planet during the holidays.

Make your gift wrap

Did you know the majority of mass-manufactured gift wrap can't be recycled? This shop-bought paper might be brimming with Christmas cheer, but it's also full of plastic. Instead, we recommend opting for a sustainable gift wrap alternative. Using brown paper, stamps and string, you can create personalised wrapping paper without having to sacrifice any Christmas cheer. 

Add that personal touch to your gifts this year by getting creative with                  eco-friendly gift packaging

Create hand-made gifts

Before you begin scrolling online for pre-packaged gifts, think creatively. Do you have a skill or talent you can utilise? Perhaps you're an expert at altering old clothes, or you're a budding artist. Rather than purchasing your presents from a mainstream store, create one of a kind handmade gifts. Not only will this reduce materials, but it also saves you money and provides a more sentimental present.



You can also purchase creative, hand-made presents from small, independent brands. At Clean U, we stock a range of handcrafted gifts. We combine expert craftsmanship with a passion for the planet and people to create meaningful and purposeful gift ideas

Mix & Match Artisan Soap Gift Box by Clean U Skincare

Buy eco-friendly presents from small businesses

This year, you can encourage your friends and family to think about their carbon footprint. For example, if you have a friend who loves nothing more than a long soak in the bath, why not treat them to a sustainable razor and soap bar. Not only does this help reduce their bathroom waste, but it adds to their beloved bath time routine. The next time they're stocking up on their bathroom essentials, they're more likely to pick the zero-waste, handmade and luxurious soap bar than a plastic shower gel bottle.

Zero-waste shaving experience

Give smart and sustainable gifts

There's no greater gift than food. Fill your loved one's stockings and their stomachs with delicious home-baked treats. 

Cookies and mince pies make ideal Christmas gifts! Wrap your edible presents in brown paper and string, or give an eco-friendly bowl to keep them in as part of the gift.

Purchase pre-loved presents

Extending the lifespan of an existing item is one of the most efficient ways to have a zero-waste and eco-friendly Christmas.

As people clear their cupboards to make space for the festive season, charity shop stock increases. Before buying from high street stores, have a browse around your local second-hand shop and see if they have any suitable gifts. 

Alternatively, do you have an unused present you can re-gift? Perhaps a gift set  from your birthday or an impulse purchase you didn't need? If so, consider how you can use these items before buying new ones.

Many of us associate Christmas with newness. We're used to purchasing and receiving items without concern for the planet. Christmas 2021 is an opportunity to reform our outdated holiday habits. Using this blog post, you can do your bit to transform your Christmas, reducing waste whilst increasing festive cheer. 

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