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Easy Eco-friendly swaps you should consider this Easter holiday

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The sun is finally shining, and with spring the flowers are in bloom, with all major chain supermarkets stocked with eggs and chocolate, it can only mean one thing: Easter is on its way. As yet another indulgent holiday dawns, the team at Clean U Skincare know that the holidays can be difficult for those looking out for the environment, and we want to do our best to make it easier for you. 

We’ve put together a list of eco-friendly swaps you might want to consider making this Easter. From the presents you give to the food you eat, here’s how you can continue to have a positive impact, even over Easter this year.

So, what is Easter all about?

The ultra-commercial, consumerist Easter we’re familiar with isn’t all sunshine, bunnies, and rainbows. Despite its religious roots and spring celebrations, the reality of modern-day Easter celebrations isn’t quite so holy and joyful.

Whilst everyone celebrates Easter differently, and there are ways to celebrate Easter sustainably (which we’ll be sharing in this post), most families aren’t aware of just how damaging this Chocolate-loving holiday can be.

So, here’s an insight into the impact of Easter: 

Chocolate manufacturing

Our team would be the first to confess their chocolate addiction. A sweet tooth can sometimes be an identifier, so substantial it shows no signs of being removed with any will or reason. But Easter promotes excessive chocolate consumption, often from irresponsible brands. Large chocolate manufacturers are rarely concerned about the pending deforestation, pollution, and soil erosion caused by mass chocolate production and packaging.

Plastic pollution

Whether it’s the wrappers your chocolate comes in or easter-themed toys, we all know plastic waste is prominent during the Easter period. Much of this plastic is non-recyclable or requires immense energy to recycle and repurpose. So, try to pick recycled, recyclable, non-dyed and plastic free packaging where possible.

Increased meat & dairy consumption

Easter lunches usually include animal produce. Meat and dairy farming is known for producing high quantities of pollution and influencing climate change.

So what can we do about it?

Easter is no more environmentally damaging than other holidays, and no amount of delicious chocolates could ever change that. However, at Clean U, we believe there are always ways we can minimise our carbon footprint and still enjoy modern celebrations. Here are our suggestions for making Eco-friendly swaps this Easter: 


Swap your shop-bought daffodils or tulips for a houseplant

Daffodils and tulips are synonymous with spring. These brightly coloured flowers are consumers' first choice for Easter displays and kitchen vases. 

However, shop-bought bouquets come at a cost for the planet. Supermarket chains purchase spring florals in bulk and transport them to the UK for you to buy. The growing conditions, transportation, and plastic wrap of these flowers contribute to plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. And it often results in low-quality, short-lived florals for you!

We recommend visiting a local, home-grown florist or garden centre to pick fresh flowers or swap for a houseplant. 

Want to go one step further? Why not purchase a purifying plant that removes toxins and pollution from the air. Having fresh foliage in the home will give you those spring feelings without the negative environmental impact.

Switch to organic, slavery free chocolate or ditch the chocolate all together.

If you can bear to part with your favourite sugary snack, this one's for you. 

There are ways to keep enjoying chocolate without sacrificing the good of the planet and its people. Swap to organic, slavery free chocolate with reputable suppliers who are transparent about their manufacturing. 

Organic chocolate companies work hard to produce high-quality chocolate and protect the people who make it. You might pay slightly more, but the chocolate you eat won’t be grown in toxic conditions, provides a fair wage, and avoids deforestation and soil erosion. 

It tastes good, but remember, you don’t need to overdo it. Chocolate will still be available after the Easter holiday!

And if your family traditionally eats meat on Easter, why not suggest you all switch to nut roast or tofu and see how it goes down? Shop outside the supermarket at greengrocers and farmers' markets for organic fruits and vegetables for the meal. And pre-plan all your meals so you know exactly what ingredients you need, and you’re not at risk of over-purchasing and producing unnecessary food waste. 

Give purposeful presents

If you want to treat your loved ones to delicious chocolates and sweets this Easter, don’t forget, for many, Easter is a religious holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We understand that gifting is one of life’s greatest pleasures but please advocate purposeful gifting without adding pressure on others to return the gesture. 

Instead of going all-out on the chocolate selection this year, why not give a purposeful gift that your loved one can enjoy for longer than a few nights in front of the television?

Here are a few eco-friendly gift ideas to give your friends and family:

  • Food experiences
If you’d like to keep your gifts food-themed but don’t want to overindulge down the chocolate egg aisle, why not treat them to a meal out?
Afternoon tea, a luxury picnic experience, or fine dining are always welcomed food-related gifts. Spending quality time and creating memories with your loved ones means so much more than adding a few inches on their or your waistline with chocolate and sweet treats. 
  • Take a Trip away
If you’ve been looking for an excuse to surprise them with a trip away or a holiday, Easter is as good a time as any!
Opt for a weekend getaway or go all-out with an all-inclusive holiday– this one might not be food-centric, but we guarantee there will be plenty of new local cuisine, flavour profiles to try!
  • Their favourite products
We’ve all got our go-to products. From soaps to skin care products, we develop an attachment to the products we love. Giving a gift you already know someone uses means not having to risk purchasing something that will go to waste. Treat them to a goodie bag of their favourite shower items, their one favourite skin care product, or a new notebook, and know they’ll love and appreciate your gift because it’s an expense they will be guaranteed to make.
Maybe you have someone in your life who loves and appreciates the inexplicable power of a steaming beverage? Or maybe they love coffee, cheese, or an alcoholic tipple?
If so, we recommend treating them to their favourite tea or cheese this Easter. Go on a picnic with them. We promise you, they’ll appreciate it more than a chocolate rabbit or cream-filled egg.

Easter doesn't have to be a harmful holiday. With a few sustainable swaps and more purposeful decisions, you can enjoy Easter and protect the planet. 

Our advice is to think before you buy. Ask yourself, is there a more eco-friendly alternative? And how will this decision impact the environment? Spending a few minutes considering your actions and investments (and not getting carried away with chocolate bunnies and oversized eggs– we've all been there) will result in a more enjoyable and sustainable spring holiday. 

Share your eco-friendly Easter swaps with us on Instagram @CleanUSkincare 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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