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6 Ways to Enjoy the National Day Of Unplugging Right Now

Woman in technology | National UnPlugged Day | Clean U Skincare
Twenty years ago, you might have thought a full 24 hours dedicated to not using technology was pointless, largely because the idea of using technology for a full 24hrs was inconceivable. However, in 2023 we live in a technology-reliant world and today, on March 3rd, 2023, the globalised economies celebrate the 14th annual Global Day of Unplugging. But we depend on technology, and many of us enjoy using it. From your career to socialising with friends, technology plays a role in every element of a modern lifestyle of connection and culture. So is it possible to strike a balance between being online and offline in 2023? In this post, we're sharing our recommendations for what to do on March 3rd, National Day of Unplugging - because blue light, instant gratification, and constant information absorption aren't always fueling our bodies, minds, and souls. 
We hope you will enjoy these phone-free experiences so much that you'll start to adopt a new habit & find a few hours every day, week, or month to unplug and unwind your mind.

Reasons to take on the National Day of Unplugging

Self-love | National UnPlugged Day | Clean U Skincare

This annual event, or anti-digital movement, was started through the UnPlug collective collaborative project. The National Day of Unplugging simply exists to encourage people to spend as many as 24 hours unplugged from tech. It appeals to people's inner confidence and asks them to stop relying on their phones and find creative ways to relax and unwind. Essentially, it’s a day for people to exercise living in the present, and that can never be bad!
The team at Clean U aren't immune to technology overuse. We’ve seen first-hand that there are many incredible things it can help humans achieve. Remote working and e-learning are wonderful and come with a wide host of benefits - but we get it - constantly using technology, as found by Circle Health Group, leads to a decline in mental health, increased trouble sleeping, and overall impatience. Therefore, the greatest love in our relationship with technology can also be negative when it comes to our mental health and physical well-being. 
So stay strong on National UnPlugged Day with the team at Clean U because we know the importance of rest and rejuvenation, and we provide Earth-friendly products that help you do this. We’ll be trying ALL of the following today…

National Day of Unplugging: 6 ideas of how to spend your time offline

1. Spend time in nature

Father and daughter walk | National UnPlugged Walk | Clean U Skincare

Spending time in nature is scientifically proven to calm our nervous systems, reduce stress, and help us relax. In our ultra-digital world, appreciating and experiencing nature is something many of us don’t allow ourselves to do often enough. 

Go for a long (or short) walk on your lunch break or before work, visit a local park, go to the beach, or spend the day, or evening after work, exploring the woods. Breathe in the fresh air and sounds of nature, witnessing the beauty of your own environment, rather than watching someone else be present in their beautiful environment on social media. Find out what beautiful areas you have nearby!

2. Unwind with a cup of tea

Herbal Tea | National UnPlugged Day | Clean U Skincare

One of our favourite ways to relax is with a good book and a steamy cup of tea. Whether we're picking up a well-loved paperback with a blanket in the garden or reading the newest bestseller on the train, there's nothing like getting lost in the pages of a gripping story. 

Want a new tea to try whilst you try a new book genre? We believe reading is always better with a cuppa in hand. Our loose-leaf teas calm and soothe your body and mind through their range of natural, immune-boosting ingredients. Browse the full range and pick your next flavour from our Tea Collections.

3. Socialise with friends, family and co-workers

work social | National UnPlugged Day | Clean U Skincare

Take your social life off of social media and into the real world. Connect with people you only ever connect with online over a coffee or a long walk. You might find that you’re surprised at how little you knew about the people around you! Ask your co-worker to spend lunch together, find out how their friends and families are, share stories, or just experience something new. You’ll soon remember how much more enjoyable authentic, in-person conversion felt before you got stuck in your phone.

4. Move your body or exercise

woman exercising | National UnPlugged Day | Clean U Skincare

Exercising boosts mood and increases self-esteem whilst reducing the risk of anxiety and depression. We're not talking about running a marathon! Whether you're going to the gym to lift weights, do yoga or go for a walk around the block twice a week, you will start to see the benefits of exercise.  

Exercising, within your capabilities, is always a good idea. But, if you're feeling down about something in your life or you notice your scrolling habits are making you feel unworthy of a healthy body or mind, unplug and put your walking shoes on. Spending a short while moving your body will promote a better headspace and help you tackle your emotional, and logical problems head-on when you return. 

5. Engage in a hobby

Woman singing | National UnPlugged Day | Clean U Skincare

Scrolling on Instagram isn't a hobby - even if we like to think it is. Hobbies should stimulate the mind and bring us fulfilment and joy. Creative hobbies such as knitting, crafting, writing, or playing an instrument is an easy and enjoyable way to lose yourself in a task and upskill your confidence - release your inner pop star and dance around the living room and you’re likely to forget TikTok ever existed. 

Why not ask a friend if they want to join you? Do something you both love or try a new activity together. 

6. Pamper yourselfSelf care | National UnPlugged Day | Clean U Skincare

Give yourself the spa-like treatment you deserve. Do your nails, shave, run a hot bath or shower, use your favourite products, and refresh your skin. Pampering yourself is a great way to listen to your body and what it needs - and dedicate time and attention to caring for yourself– your cup needs to be complete before you can support others, remember. 

Put on some relaxing music, read a book, or simply enjoy the silence as you soak.

Clean U customers often tell us how our skincare and shower products help them unwind and reconnect with themselves. If you're searching for planet-pleasing, skin-friendly products to add to your pamper routine, browse the Clean U Range. From sustainable razors to soap bars and face cleansers, we have everything you need for an eco-friendly, at-home pamper night.

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry! 10mins offline is better than 0 minutes offline. Celebrate your achievements now and enjoy your accomplishment. It might be scary at first, but unplugging technology can significantly improve your mental health and lifestyle so if you’ve not managed the full time by tomorrow, focus on what you have managed to do. So many of us find it difficult to be without our mobile phones or earbuds for more than ten minutes so keep trying! In today's world, our relationship with technology is stronger than ever so perhaps challenge yourself to an hour every week from now until next year. You might surprise yourself and find that you can muster the whole day next year on March 3rd 2024!

The Clean U team will be doing it with you. Although we can't check in on you while we're doing it (mostly because we'll be soaking in the tub after our long phone-free nature walks with our favourite tea), we are 100% here to celebrate the win with you afterwards! Tag us on IG and let us know how your unplugged 24hrs journey unfolds. If you plan to make tech-free time part of your daily routine, we'll be cheering you on all the way. @GlobalDayOfUnplugging 

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