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6 Eco-Friendly Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day | Clean U Skincare

Not sure what to do today? With the busyness of Christmas behind us and the winter frost making itself at home, it’s finally here - the most romantic holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day! Whether you will cosy up on the sofa with your loved one, enjoy drinks with girlfriends, or spend it solo, Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the most heartwarming annual celebration. 

In this post, we’re sharing 6 eco-friendly last minute Valentine’s Day ideas. All these ideas are eco-friendly approved and guaranteed to make you and your Valentine’s heart swoon. 

1. Give a donation

If you and your partner aren’t into the mass commerciality of celebrating Valentine’s Day, you can commemorate the occasion by simply showing love to others. Give the money you might have spent on a gift or card to a charity or cause that you both care about and learn more about what community holds a special place in your partner's heart. Be selfless in love today. 
Get inspiration from the partners we support here
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2. Gift a plant

Valentine’s Day is a special time of year, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of the environment. Our eco-friendly gift ideas mean you can show your love for the people in your life and the planet. We know flowers are a popular gift for Valentine’s Day. Long-stemmed red roses have become synonymous with the holiday and all things romance. But, due to the growing process and transportation required for popular, shop-bought florals, they have a significant carbon footprint.
In comparison, plants generally have a much lower carbon footprint and some can even help absorb co2 from the atmosphere. Often great for baths and homes all year round, this gift may be just what your loved one needs to make their house feel more like a home. 
We advise buying your plants from local retailers such as garden centres or farmer’s markets. Shop-bought plants are often imported, giving them a much higher carbon footprint (and are usually of lower quality). Your partner will appreciate the sentiment and the consideration for their ethical beliefs. 
Indoor plant | Clean U Skincare

3. Make home-made gifts

Instead of spending money on something new, get creative and make something at home. Unlike shop-bought items, homemade gifts can be personalised and often, are regarded by the receiver as more sentimental, and intentionally thoughtful. Create something that relates to your relationship or that you know the other person would enjoy.
If you’re running from this idea because you don’t think you’re creative, don’t worry! Part of the charm of homemade gifts is that they’re imperfect. Enjoy the creative process and make something your significant other would appreciate— it’s more about the time and dedication you spent than the gift itself anyway!
Here are a few gifts you can make at home:
  • Baked goods
    Everyone knows sweet treats are the way to anyone’s heart. Bake a batch of your partner's favourite cookies and add Valentine’s day-themed decorations.
  • Create a playlist (ideal for the non-creative!)
    Mixed tapes might be a thing of the past, but their sentiment can live on in playlists. Create a custom playlist for your partner full of songs that remind you of your relationship. Email, Dropbox, Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube it over with a few adorable emojis or play it for them over dinner. It will not only be romantic but means you can connect in a deeper way by singing and reminiscing about all the places you’ve been to when you heard the songs play together for the first time. 
  • Handmade cards
    For those who want to flex their creative muscles, crafting is a great way to do so. Spend an hour or two experimenting with cards, ribbons and felt to create a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day Card. It doesn’t have to cost the earth! Add a meaningful message and seal with a kiss, ready to send their way.
Pasta | Clean U Skincare

4. Cook a delicious meal together! 

Nothing says I love you like a delicious home-cooked meal. Surprise your loved one home from a long day with their favourite meal, ready and waiting for them. If you’re feeling extra nice, you can add a dessert or starter to the dish and create a complete custom dining experience for them - comprised of all their favourite things!
Not brilliant in the kitchen? Don’t worry! Suggest to your partner a cook-out, then team up and cook tonight. Go to the supermarket after work and pick your favourite fruit and veggies before going home and cooking together. Decide who will be the Head chef and Sous chef and have fun chopping, frying, and laughing the night away! We propose eating by candlelight for an extra
eco-friendly, romantic touch and using Clean U’s bamboo bowls and spoons
No idea what to make? Well… a few of our favourite dishes to make at the Clean U HQ are:
  • Pasta dishes.
    Lots of people shy away from making pasta from scratch. However, with the right tools and basic techniques, it’s simple. Making pasta requires freedom and patience, and for newbies, usually an extra pair of hands, making it the perfect thing to cook as a pair. Make love heart ravioli or even spell your names.
  • Curries
    The fragrant and flavoursome ingredients that go into a curry make it the perfect sensual dish to cook together. One of you can slice and chop while the other sautees and simmers. Learn about each other's palettes and go in for a kiss whilst the night is young!
  • Baking
    If you’re feeling extra sweet, why not bake something together? A Valentine’s day cake for 2 or your favourite dessert will go down as a treat after dinner or a takeaway. A few of our favourite bakes we’d highly recommend include:
    • Vegan victoria sponge
    • Peanut butter cookie bars
    • Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding
Curry | Clean U Skincare

5. Go on a trip or try a new experience together

Many of us are lucky enough to have everything we need. When holidays such as Valentine’s day or Christmas roll around, thinking up practical, purposeful gifts can be difficult. Instead of giving or receiving something you don’t need, save the money and use it on an experience you can enjoy together.
Having memories and experiencing new things will feel far more rewarding than gaining or buying a gift neither of you truly desires. A few fun experience gifts you might consider include:
  • Last Minute Holidays
    Is there a destination you’re both desperate to tick off the bucket list? Maybe now is the time to do it! Book it for this weekend and deliver your partner's suitcase with a print-out of the flight details inside for maximum confusion... Followed by extreme excitement!
  • Dining experience
    Elevate your home-cooked meal and take a trip to a restaurant you’ve both been keen to try.
  • Day out
    There are hundreds of adventures waiting for you— many of which you’ve never even heard of. From hot air balloon rides to race track driving, why not find something that’s outside of your comfort zone and face it together?
Airport | Clean U Skincare

6. Give sustainable gifts

Giving and receiving gifts brings many of us unparalleled amounts of joy. The look on someone’s face as they unwrap a gift you know they’ll love. Experiencing the excitement as you open a gift for you— there’s nothing else like it!
If like us, you enjoy the tradition of gift-giving and want to show your loved one how much they mean to you through a thoughtful gift, this idea is for you. Swap your regular, shop-bought gift for something more sustainable.
Sustainable gifts | Clean U Skincare

At Clean U, we believe in celebrating your favourite holidays whilst doing what you can to make them eco-friendly. From switching to plastic-free gift wrap to sourcing more ethical presents, there are several ways to ensure your favourite holiday has a positive impact on you and the planet!

Chat with your loved one about the eco-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas in this blog post and see which they’d like to try. And share this post with other couples who might find it useful!

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